Do You Need A Disability Discrimination Lawyer?

If you are the victim of disability discrimination, one of your next steps may be to pursue a legal case. One of the questions many people consider when they pursue such a case is whether or not they need to consult with an attorney. For many people, the answer becomes clear when they consider the benefits a disability discrimination law service can provide. Here are a few benefits they offer. Discuss Qualified Protections Read More 

Accidents In Round-A-Bouts: Special Rules For Special Roads

Round-a-bouts have served as a means for directing European traffic for decades with minimal expense. The problem is that politicians noticed the minimal expense and decided to build round-a-bouts in the U.S. literally everywhere they can possibly construct a round-a-bout. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it does not. For example, the number of car accidents that occur in round-a-bouts certainly are not changing how expensive these special roads really are. The more complex the round-a-bout, the more difficult it seems to be to navigate, and the more often people find themselves in an accident, blocking traffic. Read More 

What Factors Into A Medical Malpractice Claim?

Sitting down with a medical malpractice lawyer to discuss a case will require understanding a lot of terminology. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the basic concepts of the field before you take a trip to a medical malpractice law firm. Here are four of the most important ones to learn about.  The Prevailing Professional Standard of Care When a doctor and their insurance carrier attempt to defend against a claim, one of the most common defenses they use is that the doctor was working within the prevailing professional standard of care. Read More 

Three Misunderstandings About Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured and cannot work, you may be thinking about filing a claim for workers' compensation. However, you may have a certain misunderstanding about what it is and is not. Some of these misunderstandings may lead to hesitation in filing a claim because you don't think you qualify for these benefits. The following are a few common misunderstandings workers have about workers' comp. You think you don't qualify because you were not working Read More 

Situations In Which You May Need Help From Legal Aid

If you're short in disposable income but require the services of an attorney, you may struggle with how to proceed. Fortunately, you may have some success in contacting a law firm that provides free legal aid for those who qualify. There are likely a handful of legal organizations in your city that can help you in this manner, which may be the difference between having an attorney work for you and not having anyone to advocate on your behalf. Read More