What To Expect When Your Slip And Fall Case Goes To Court

If you slipped and fell at a local grocery store and have filed a lawsuit to recover your damages, then it is important that you know what to expect when you get to the courthouse. Since the judge and jury for your case have no prior experience with you, it is vital that you send a confident and positive message during the time you are at the courthouse. To this end, here is some information about what you should expect when your case goes to court: Read More 

Obtaining Money In The Middle Of The Night To Bail Your Spouse Out Of Jail

If you just received a phone call from your spouse in the middle of the night alerting you that they are being held in jail until they have bail posted for their release, you are most likely concerned about the situation and worried about where you can get money at a time many establishments are closed. If it is important to you to have your spouse released immediately so they can continue to go to work to provide for your family, getting money right away will be necessary. Read More 

Do You Need a Patent, Trademark, Copyright, or All Three?

Patent, trademark, and copyright law can be confusing. Understanding what each one represents and the rights they uniquely protect is important. There are situations where your needs may be best served by having a combination of all three. When faced with a decision over how to protect your business rights, you should first consult with a business attorney who specializes in patent, copyright, and trademark law. Here is an overview of these three choices and how they protect your business interests, ideas, or inventions. Read More 

Will Workers’ Comp Pay Benefits For Food-Borne Illnesses Acquired At Work?

Most people know workers' compensation will pay for medical treatment and other benefits if they are involved in an accident at work or exposed to toxic chemicals on the job. However, you may also be eligible for benefits for something as simple as food poisoning. Here's what you need to know to file a successful claim. Must Be Connect to Your Employment Like any other workers' comp claim, the illness must have resulted from something connected to your employment or the workplace. Read More 

Guidelines For Going Through Bankruptcy

If you need to be sure that you're getting protection from debt that has been overwhelming, sometimes bankruptcy is the only option. It is a difficult process that you will need to learn about and get representation whenever you're planning to go through it. While deciding to go through this process, you need to ramp up on all of the information that will guide you through it so that you are most prepared. Read More