Three Reasons To Hire An Attorney With Pedestrian Accident Experience When You’ve Been Hit By A Car

If you or a loved one has been injured by a car while crossing the street or other areas where a pedestrian has the right to walk, you should contact an attorney with experience representing clients in this type of accident. The following are a few reasons this is true.

They understand the accident's lasting effects 

Pedestrian injuries can be severe and take years to recover from. In many cases, an individual may live the rest of their life with the consequences of the accident. A pedestrian accident lawyer will understand the types of injuries that a person has sustained from a car, as well as those from the asphalt or cement. A pedestrian's body is unprotected from an accident, including the head. The nature of these injuries is understood by a pedestrian attorney, so they can obtain all the compensation a person is entitled to.

They understand the laws specific to pedestrians

There are laws regarding both pedestrians and cars, as well as their interactions. It is important that your attorney be well-versed in these laws because if they aren't, you can be assured that an insurance company will be. For example, the accident occurred while you were crossing the street, but there was no crosswalk, even though you were crossing at the corner. Who was in the wrong? Another example would be if you were hit in a parking lot. Without an experienced attorney, an insurance company will likely tell you that the laws specific to your accident are, at best, murky. Don't assume you understand pedestrian and automobile laws, nor do you want a lawyer doing a lot of research on your case because of inexperience.

They are likely to get the best compensation

An insurance company will want you to settle quickly, so you don't have time to think about hiring an attorney. This will only make the settlement amount go up. But even then, if you don't hire a lawyer with experience in pedestrian accidents, the compensation will likely be lower than the compensation won by a lawyer with experience. The latter not only understands the laws but also understands the sympathies of a jury toward the victim who was struck by the car. The judgment for the plaintiff will likely be even higher, so an out-of-court settlement with a pedestrian attorney will likely be the highest.

If, as a pedestrian, you have been injured by a car, you need to hire an attorney with experience. They understand the laws regarding pedestrians, and they understand the full extent of the long-term effects of pedestrian injuries. Insurance companies are aware of potentially high payouts they are susceptible to, so you need to hire an attorney to negotiate for you. But an experienced attorney in pedestrian law will likely get the highest compensation for you.

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