How Photographs Can Help You When Pursuing An Auto Accident Settlement

After a car accident, the first thing you will want to do is make sure that everyone is okay. Then, you'll want to contact the police so they can secure the scene of the accident and file a police report. If it is safe to do so, the next thing to do is take photographs of the scene of the accident.

What Photographs Can Show

The photographs that you take at the scene of the accident can be the most reliable pieces of evidence you will have from the accident. The photographs will show the extent of the damage both vehicles suffered, the position of each vehicle, the road conditions, debris left behind from the accident, and other factors that can be used to establish what happened.

You will want the photographs to show the accident from as many angles as possible and you'll want up-close shots so that small details and damage are highly visible.

How to Use Your Photographs When Pursuing a Claim

After you have taken your photographs, you will want to contact an auto accident attorney so you can begin the process of filing a claim. Your photographs might be able to help your attorney negotiate a settlement with the other party involved in the accident. You will not be able to reach a settlement if you are not able to prove that the other party is liable. 

Photographs of Your Injuries

If you took photographs of your injuries, your attorney can use these photos in the event that the other party argues that your injuries were not caused by the accident. The photographs can also be used to argue that you should be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

How to Dispute False Claims Made By the Other Driver

The other party might tell lies about what occurred during the accident as a way to avoid responsibility for the accident. This can turn into a case of your word against theirs. However, if your attorney is able to find discrepancies between what the other party claims and what is shown in the photographs you took, they may be able to effectively cast doubt on the claims made by the other party.

Once your lawyer is able to prove that the other party is at fault, they might be able to negotiate a settlement. The more evidence you have, the stronger your position will be. 

For more information, contact an accident lawyer near you.