The Importance Of Fault After An Accident

Fault is very important after an auto accident. Victims who have been hurt by another driver might be entitled to be paid for certain damages if the other driver is at fault. To find out why fault is so important to the way your case proceeds, read on.

Taking Civil Action

You can only be paid if the other driver is found to have caused the accident. It goes both ways, though. If you are found to be at fault, you could be responsible for the other driver's damages. Damages, in the case of a car accident, usually include medical bills, lost wages, personal property damage or losses, and pain and suffering. After a car accident, the burden is on you to prove that the other driver caused the accident.

Take These Steps

To ensure that you don't end up being held responsible for an accident you didn't cause, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to law enforcement right away. If you are able, give the officer at the scene your take on how the accident happened. The information you provide goes into a report that will be read and used throughout your case.
  2. Gather photographic evidence. Depending on the nature of your injuries, try to take photographs as soon as possible of your injuries. If you can do so at the scene, take photographs of the wrecked vehicles and the location of the damage to the vehicles. Get some shots of the intersection or location of the accident and marks on the road as well.
  3. Get eye-witnesses' contact information. You don't have to interview them – your lawyer will do that. Just make sure you know how to contact them later. Their statements about how the accident happened could be incredibly important to proving your case.
  4. Use video footage. Lots of vehicles have dash cameras installed. In addition, many intersections have traffic cameras that record all the time. Check also for local businesses and residences with a view of the accident site.
  5. Ask for a mechanical inspection. The other driver might blame the accident on bad brakes or other mechanical reasons. Don't take their word for it. Have the vehicle inspected. Likewise, if the other driver is claiming that your brake lights were not working properly and that is why they rear-ended you, get your vehicle inspected too.
  6. Get a personal injury lawyer to represent you. This one step is the most important of all the steps. Experienced injury lawyers know how to show you did not cause the accident and how to obtain the compensation you deserve.

For more information, contact a personal injury attorney service in your area.