What To Expect From A Personal Injury Deposition

A deposition is focused on getting additional information about an individual and their involvement in an incident. Due to this, anything that is said during the deposition is crucial. Generally, the interview is recorded by a court reporter, but it is possible that it may be videoed as well. Depositions are typically held in an office or a conference room instead of in a courtroom. The only people that are at the deposition will normally be you, your attorney, the opposing attorney, any assistant attorneys, a court reporter, and maybe an insurance representative. You can expect to be asked a variety of questions. Keep reading to learn what you can expect to be asked at your personal injury deposition.

Personal Information

You will be asked a lot of personal questions, which include your name and address, as well as some background, if relevant. These questions are the easy ones and are used as a starting point to help work out your nerves and gather some basic details.

Prior Physical Condition

You will also be asked about your life prior to the accident. You will be asked numerous in-depth questions regarding your health before the accident to determine if your injuries could have been impacted by a pre-existing condition or if any kind of prior health condition could have had an impact on your injuries. You may ask be asked about your current lifestyle and activity levels as well as the same before the accident, which will provide a clearer picture of your health.

The Accident

You will be asked questions regarding the accident and how it transpired. When answering, make sure to recount the events in your own words. If you do not remember something clearly, you will want to avoid making assumptions or guessing. Instead, simply say that you do not know or you cannot recall.

Your Injuries

The injuries that you sustained in the accident will also come up during the deposition. You will be asked how the injury occurred and the extent of the injury. You will also be asked about what kind of medical treatment you have received and the recovery process. You will want to ensure that you stick as close to the facts as possible. Avoid answering questions that you are uncertain of the answer to. Never guess the answer to a question, as you are not an expert. Simply state that you don't know, if this is true.

For more information on depositions, contact a local personal injury lawyer.