You May Need An Attorney Even In An Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is much cheaper than an expensive legal battle and many divorcing couples choose to have an uncontested divorce so they can save on attorney fees. However, it's often not a good idea to enter into any kind of divorce without an attorney. Fortunately, there are attorneys who work with uncontested divorce cases.

Challenges in an Uncontested Divorce

Even with an uncontested divorce, you and your partner might have disagreements over how you will divide your retirement assets and how child support and custody matters will be handled. An attorney can help you reconcile these issues without having to go to court.

Though you might be in agreement over everything, there can still be some issues that can be complicated and difficult to sort out. For example, your income might be inconsistent because a large portion of what you make may be based on various bonuses you may receive at work. Or, you may own a business and not have a recent business validation. An attorney can help with these issues.

Divorce Proceedings Can Be Confusing

When you are filing for divorce alone, you will be solely responsible for managing all of the necessary paperwork. This can be slower and more expensive than hiring an attorney. It's easier to make mistakes when you are not working with an attorney and you may be more likely to cause delays in your divorce.

Even investing a lot of time into educating yourself on legal matters doesn't guarantee that everything will be easy and you may rather spend your time on something else. A worst-case scenario might be that you may accidentally give up some of your rights without realizing it. For example, you may not realize how much alimony you are entitled to. A divorce attorney can inform you of your options.

An Amicable Divorce Can Become Nasty Unexpectedly

While you may hope for a clean break, the stress of going through a divorce can lead to your divorce becoming much more difficult than you had hoped. Either you or your ex-partner may end up feeling more emotional over the divorce than you expected. Having a divorce attorney guide you through the process can help you create more distance as they can be the one to handle many of the proceedings.

If you aren't sure if you should work with an uncontested divorce lawyer, find out if you are entitled to a free consultation. The initial conversation with an attorney can give you a better sense of what services are available to you. Contact a company like Ritter & LeClere APC Attorneys At Law for more information.