Do You Need A Disability Discrimination Lawyer?

If you are the victim of disability discrimination, one of your next steps may be to pursue a legal case. One of the questions many people consider when they pursue such a case is whether or not they need to consult with an attorney. For many people, the answer becomes clear when they consider the benefits a disability discrimination law service can provide. Here are a few benefits they offer.

Discuss Qualified Protections

Even though you may be disabled in a medical sense, the court may not determine that you are qualified for protection under the umbrella of disability law. For example, individuals who are qualified to work in specific jobs are those who have the experience and requisite skills to complete the tasks of the job, though you may require reasonable accommodations. If you do not lack the skills necessary to complete the job, you may not be considered a legal victim of discrimination. Your attorney helps you clear up any question as to your qualifications for this kind of legal case.

Discuss Qualified Employers

Next, you must consider the fact that not all employers are required to abide by the disability discrimination laws. For example, the company you intend to sue may be a small, family-run business with just four employees. They may not fall into the standards required by the law for you to pursue a legal case. Disability discrimination attorneys understand which kinds of employers are required to abide by the laws.

Discuss Your Disability History

Each situation is different, but your case may differ somewhat from the typical disability case. For example, you could be the victim of discrimination even if you do not present a disability right now but have in the past.

Discuss Reasonable Accommodations

Certain employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for you to continue working. In your case, the attorney may determine that the accommodations were indeed reasonable and inform you that your case may not be valid in the eyes of discrimination law. In other cases, the attorney may deem the accommodations unreasonable and determine that you were entitled to more. You could have a valid case, but only an attorney can help you determine where yours falls.

Now that you have a better understanding of the ways in which an attorney can benefit your case, you are ready to move forward. Call a disability discrimination attorney today to discuss the specifics of your case.