Situations In Which You May Need Help From Legal Aid

If you're short in disposable income but require the services of an attorney, you may struggle with how to proceed. Fortunately, you may have some success in contacting a law firm that provides free legal aid for those who qualify. There are likely a handful of legal organizations in your city that can help you in this manner, which may be the difference between having an attorney work for you and not having anyone to advocate on your behalf. Here are some situations in which it may be appropriate to get help from a legal aid service.


Getting evicted from your home is a challenging situation for anyone, especially if you feel as though the reason for the eviction was unjust. Many unscrupulous landlords evict tenants for unlawful reasons, but if you're short on money, you may feel as though you can't fight back legally. Fortunately, a legal aid service can be a valuable ally for you in this situation, as it can help you with legal services. You'll have to explain the particulars of your eviction, providing any evidence that you have, and your legal professional will determine if there are grounds to pursue a case against your landlord.

Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful dismissal from your job is another difficult situation to face. It may be apparent to you that you were dismissed for an unfair reason. For example, perhaps someone else broke a rule at work but blamed you — and your employer didn't look into the situation thoroughly before dismissing you. Legal aid services can help people in your situation with free legal assistance. This is ideal because without having a source of income, you may feel reluctant to hire an attorney when you're unsure of how long you may have to go before finding a new job.

Social Security Benefits

If you feel as though your Social Security benefits are being withheld from you for an unjust reason, you may lack the confidence and knowledge of the situation to lodge an appeal in your case. This is another time that a free legal aid clinic can step in to offer assistance. Many legal aid clinics specialize in helping clients with their Social Security benefits, which can be a huge difference for someone whose funds are limited. Don't hesitate to find a legal aid service in your community and call to inquire about how it may be able to assist you in your current situation.

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