For Fathers: How To Get Visitations When Not Paying Child Support

The importance of a father should never be underestimated. A father contributes to a child's authenticity, self-esteem, sense of well-being, academic achievement, and social development. It is important to understand that child support and parental rights are two separate issues under the law. Read on to find out how to get visitations when not paying child support.

Reasons A Father May Not Pay

When the non-custodial parent has limited income, the custodial parent may refuse child support. The custodial parent may choose to do this when the non-custodial parent does not have a job or makes less money than her. There are also ways to terminate child support through the court system. If you have lost your job or are incarcerated, then you can ask for an end of payments. You will need a family law attorney by your side because this can be a lengthy process.

Ask For A Motion To Enforce

If your child's mother refuses visitations because of non-payment of child support, then she is in violation of the court order. To get your rights restored, you have to seek help from the court. Restoring your rights mean filing a motion to enforce your visitation order. This order asks the court to hold the person in contempt for not following the order.

Do Not Refuse To Make Payments

The mother is considered the custodial parent when the child lives with her. The court will order you, the non-custodial parent, to make payments to her. Child support is your financial contribution to your child's support and care. Your child's mother cannot withhold visitation if you cannot pay for some reason. On the other hand, you cannot refuse to not pay child support because the mother refuses visits.

If you cannot make payments, then you need to take it to the court system. The judge can modify your payments or stop them. Refusing to pay child support hurts your child and violates your court order.

If you want to raise successful children, then it starts with a solid foundation. Children need positive interaction with both parents. They still need a relationship even when the parent is not in the home. This interaction may come in the form of phone calls, social media, and face-to-face visits. If the mother will not allow you to see your child, then you should get a visitation schedule set up through the court system.