3 Tips For Dealing With A Denied Disability Insurance Claim

Filing for disability insurance benefits when you have become disabled and unable to work is an intimidating process. You know that you are legally entitled to the benefits and need them to stay afloat financially, but that is not enough to ensure your claim will be approved. When your first claim is denied, it's important not to give up even though you probably feel discouraged. Here are a few tips for getting through this challenging situation and hopefully winning your disability insurance claim appeal:

Don't Give Up After an Initial Denial

First, it's important to know that having initial disability insurance claims denied is not unusual at all, and in fact, some lawyers would say it's to be expected. Statistically speaking, around 65% of disability insurance claims are denied the first time. The reason an elaborate appeal process is in place is to address the fact that many people who have valid disability insurance claims are denied due to minor errors in paperwork and documentation. The appeal process gives you further chances to have an accepted claim so you can begin receiving benefits.

Hire an Experienced Disability Lawyer

The paperwork that needs to be completed and filed for your disability insurance claim can be complicated, tedious, and easy to mess up. In addition, the appeals process must follow specific guidelines, deadlines, and procedures in order for your claim to be successful. For these reasons, it's important to hire an experienced disability lawyer who knows the claims and appeals processes inside and out.

You may be thinking that you can't afford to hire an expensive lawyer while waiting for disability benefits, but the good news is disability insurance lawyers don't typically require payment unless you win your case. Once you win your case and begin receiving disability benefits, you will pay your lawyer a small percentage of any back-dated benefits you receive. 

Gather Documentation

In order to make things easier for your attorney and improve your chances of a successful appeal, it's important to gather and organize any documentation that could potentially help your case. This documentation can include items such as receipts and medical records from your doctor validating your disability, letters from your doctors and former boss stating that you are unable to work, and proof that you have kept up with doctor-recommended physical therapy if applicable.

Having your disability insurance claim denied is stressful, but by following these tips you will regain power in the situation.