What To Expect When Your Slip And Fall Case Goes To Court

If you slipped and fell at a local grocery store and have filed a lawsuit to recover your damages, then it is important that you know what to expect when you get to the courthouse. Since the judge and jury for your case have no prior experience with you, it is vital that you send a confident and positive message during the time you are at the courthouse. To this end, here is some information about what you should expect when your case goes to court:

Expect the Courthouse to be a Busy Place with Difficult Parking

Since your local courts hear many different types of cases each and every day, you should plan to arrive early to give yourself enough time to park and navigate the courthouse's security checkpoint. While some courthouses have parking garages, many require you to find a parking spot on the street and this can take a while. Once you find a place to park, then you need to get inside of the courthouse by going through their security checkpoint. Since the checkpoint typically requires visitors to remove all of their metal items and go through a metal detector, you need to allow plenty of time for the process. 

Expect People in the Courthouse to be Dressed Appropriately for a Business Environment

Since courthouses are filled with lawyers and other professionals, you should expect most people to be dressed appropriately for a business environment. While you do not need to wear a business suit to court, you do need to dress properly. Proper courtroom dress excludes things like t-shirts, flip flops, and revealing clothing. Instead, you should wear something that you would normally wear to a funeral or a job interview. Your goal when dressing for a court appearance is to blend in with the others around you and not bias the judge or jury with outlandish attire.

Expect to Turn Off Your Cell Phone while in the Courtroom

When you are sitting in the courtroom, you must have your cell phone turned off. You should not put your phone on vibrate, you should turn it completely off so it won't buzz and disrupt the proceedings. If you are worried about your child's school or daycare provider trying to reach you, then you should let them know that you will be in court and that if they call you and leave a message, then you will return their call as soon as you are finished.

Talk with your slip and fall lawyer to ensure you are fully prepared.