How Bankruptcy Might Help You Get Rid Of Tax Debts Owed To The IRS

Owing taxes to the government can be an overwhelming experience. The IRS has the power to come after you for these debts, and they have the ability to place liens on your property and garnish your wages to get the money you owe. What you may not know about this is that bankruptcy might be able to help. There are times when tax debts can be included in a bankruptcy case, but there are also times when tax debts are excluded from a discharge. Read More 

5 Effective Tips For Writing A Personal Injury Statement

A personal injury case involves many pieces of evidence, including facts from the actual case and your own witness account. To help figure out the details of your case, a personal injury lawyer may have you fill out a pain and suffering statement. While the facts of the case will also be there, a pain and suffering statement can go a long way for your settlement. Before you write out your full statement, it's a good idea to plan out as much as you can. Read More 

Can You Sue If Your Child Is Injured By Food Allergen Contamination In Public?

If your child suffers from a food allergy that could cause him or her to enter anaphylactic shock upon tactical or airborne exposure, you likely spend many of your waking hours either consciously or unconsciously taking measures to ensure your child's safety. However, these measures must also be balanced with your child's need and desire to live a relatively normal life. What options do you have if your child is injured or made ill after coming into contact with a food allergen in a public place -- such as a school, playground, or hospital? Read More 

Protecting Your Child During Car Trips

Driving with children in the car can be a stressful experience, making you hyper aware of traffic and the behavior of other drivers. While seat belt and child safety seat regulations help to protect youth, you should educate yourself on additional ways to safeguard young ones during car trips and what to do in the aftermath of an accident. Selecting the Right Car Safety Seat All states require infants and young children to sit in child safety seats when a motor vehicle is in motion. Read More 

Public Defender Vs. Private Lawyer: Which One Can Best Represent You?

Facing criminal charges is a daunting position for anyone to be in, but it can be even harder when you've never faced them before. The first issue you need to handle in this position is choosing your legal counsel. It may seem like a good idea to save money by opting for a court-appointed public defender to represent you. However, it's a good idea to know how these defenders can fall short when compared to private attorneys before you make your final decision. Read More