3 Tips For Dealing With A Denied Disability Insurance Claim

Filing for disability insurance benefits when you have become disabled and unable to work is an intimidating process. You know that you are legally entitled to the benefits and need them to stay afloat financially, but that is not enough to ensure your claim will be approved. When your first claim is denied, it's important not to give up even though you probably feel discouraged. Here are a few tips for getting through this challenging situation and hopefully winning your disability insurance claim appeal: Read More 

Four Ways To Avoid Foreclosure

Your home is probably one of your biggest assets, which means that whatever you choose to do with it can affect your life greatly. If you are having problems paying the mortgage, you might automatically think you're in trouble because your home is going to be foreclosed. However, there are ways to avoid this, even if you are having trouble paying the mortgage every month. Here are four ways you can avoid a foreclosure: Read More 

When Can You Avoid Probate?

Wills are an important part of a complete estate plan, and everyone needs to have one. You should also understand that if there is a will, it must be probated. Filing wills with the probate court usually means having to wait a few months for it to become final, and following the wishes of deceased must be delayed until that time. While a will might always be what everyone thinks of when they think about estate planning, to stop at just a will and go no further could be a mistake. Read More 

5 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney

When you said your vows, divorce law was the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, divorces happen for a variety of reasons. Ending a marriage can be an emotional and painful process that oftentimes involves complex legal procedures. Although, you may not think you need to hire a divorce attorney, not doing so may have an unexpected effect on the final outcome, so it's best to hire a qualified lawyer to help guide you through the process. Read More 

Tips For Crafting A Suitable Parenting Plan

Crafting a suitable parenting plan can go a long way in preventing controversies with the other parent. In fact, it can even save you money in the form of legal costs. Here are a few guides to help you come up with a viable parenting plan: Plan for Special Events Despite your best intentions, it will be impossible to craft a workable parenting plan that works for all occasions. For example, you can't predict when all the special occasions such as birthdays and Mother's Day/Father's Day will fall. Read More