Suing Your Supervisor For Sexual Harassment

No matter which type of position an employee might have, the position can be stressful when there is tension in his or her work environment. For example, tension might arise if a supervisor constantly harasses an employee in a manner that threatens the employee's job. Sexual harassment is one of the worst types of harassment to experience in the workplace, especially when the person committing the crime has the power to terminate the employee. If you are afraid to put an end to your supervisor making sexual gestures towards you because you need your job, do not allow fear to stop you. A lawyer can be hired to file a lawsuit and assist with maintaining your job position.

Make Sure You Have a Case

Sexual harassment is a serious crime that can cause someone to get locked up behind bars and become a registered sex offender. To prevent innocent people from getting charged with such a crime, the law is strict on what can be defined as sexual harassment. An advantage of hiring a lawyer is that he or she can determine if you have a sexual harassment case against your supervisor. For example, a lawyer will assess the details of your story to determine if the behavior of your supervisor is actually sexual. You might find out that you have another type of harassment case, rather than it being sexual harassment.

Gather Evidence of Sexual Harassment

The next step after a lawyer has determined that you have a sexual harassment case is to prove that the crime was committed. Before gathering evidence, a lawyer will ask questions regarding your work environment. For example, you might be asked if any of your coworkers are aware of the sexual harassment, as well as if they are also being harassed by the supervisor in question. Your coworkers might become witnesses to prove that you are telling the truth. A lawyer can also investigate your supervisor to determine if he or she has committed sex crimes in the past.

Notify the Other Party About the Case

You do not have to let your supervisor know that you have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit because a lawyer can perform the task on your behalf. The court might also send documents to your supervisor to inform him or her that a lawsuit has been filed. You can then relax while the lawyer manages your case from start to finish.

For more information on workplace sexual harassment law, contact a professional near you.