Injuries That Can Go Undetected in a Car Crash and How to Seek Compensation

Some injuries may not be apparent immediately after a collision. Unfortunately, an internal injury can put you at risk as it may worsen without your knowledge. On top of that, pursuing compensation for such injuries is usually challenging. For these reasons, accident victims should seek medical attention immediately after a collision. You need a doctor's examination no matter whether or not your injuries are noticeable. Doing so averts health complications later and supports your claim application. Here are some commonly undetected injuries in vehicular accidents and how a personal injury law attorney can help you get compensated. 

Commonly Undetected Injuries in Car Collisions

Sometimes, swelling or bruising takes a while to develop. For instance, whiplash might take hours or days to show. Unfortunately, the condition could escalate if not detected in time. In that case, you might experience severe pain in the back and neck. Some patients experience blurred vision, dizziness, and fatigue. If untreated, the condition might give rise to long-term complications. Therefore, going to the hospital immediately after a road accident is essential. Besides, you must obtain a medical examination so your doctor can document the injuries.

Like whiplash, concussion injuries can also manifest later. Because of that, many car accident victims put off treatment. Unfortunately, failing to seek timely treatment could create a more complex and costly situation. For instance, you can develop concentration problems and memory loss.

Some victims also develop depression and other brain-related problems. That includes sensitivity to light and noise. This is why you should prioritize visiting the hospital after a collision. Your doctor can undertake the necessary tests to determine whether you've suffered a concussion. They will then note down the severity of your condition and the treatment you require. This report will help your attorney build a strong case. That way, they can pursue a settlement covering all your medical expenses.

Why Professional Legal Help Is Vital

While medical care should be your priority, seeking legal help should be the next step. Your attorney will review your case to determine whether an investigation is warranted to determine liability. They may suggest engaging investigators. These experts will investigate the accident and gather useful information to support your case. Your attorney may also enlist the services of medical experts to determine the cost of future treatment. These measures will enable you to get the highest payment possible.

It is important to note that minor injuries may still create significant long-term consequences. That is why you should get treatment immediately after the crash. Then, contact a personal injury attorney to assess the cost of your injuries and assist you in pursuing your rightful payments.