3 Reasons To Work With A Legal Advisor After A Collision With An 18-Wheeler Truck

An 18-wheeler can cause severe wreckage when involved in a collision with other vehicles. The situation could be worse if the trucker drove above the recommended speed limit. In such a case, you might incur severe damages or injuries that might require a significant amount of money to manage. As a result, you should consider filing a claim to enable you to get compensation. You can file the lawsuit yourself, but working with an 18-wheeler attorney is more advisable for the following reasons.  

They Will Determine the Wrongdoers  

Claims involving 18-wheelers are significantly different from car crash lawsuits. For instance, in car crash claims, the potentially liable parties are usually motorists and their insurers. However, a collision with a semi might involve multiple wrongdoers. They could include the trucking company, trucker, insurance provider, and truck manufacturer. Therefore, you want to work with a lawyer to help you determine all the wrongdoers. Each of these parties will do their best to defend themselves and avoid penalties for their contribution to their crash. Some parties could even join forces to fight your claim, complicating your claim further. A lawyer dealing with truck accidents can investigate every party that may have contributed to the collision. They will then name them as defendants in your case to ensure that they pay for their crimes.

They Will Help You to Get Essential Information

Your legal advisor will gather the essential information needed to prove your claim. For example, they will get information recorded in the black box to determine the number of hours the trucker recorded before causing the collision. Your attorney will also gather your medical records, witness statements, and the police report. In addition, they will also get court orders to compel wrongdoers to provide essential information required to strengthen the claim. The evidence your attorney will collect will enable the judge to determine how the crash happened to allow them to make an informed judgment.

They Will Enable You to Get Better Results

Most claims involving 18-wheeler drivers and companies are complicated. Therefore, you need the assistance of a legal advisor when filing a lawsuit after a collision with a big rig. Your lawyer will assess your case to determine the complex issues that might crop up. Doing so will enable them to determine the strategies to use to navigate them to get the best results in your case. For instance, they will know how to deal with insurance companies to enable you to get the best settlement.

You might encounter different pitfalls when seeking justice after being involved in a commercial truck collision. Therefore, consider hiring an 18-wheeler wreck attorney to represent you in your case.