Mistakes Law Firms Should Avoid When Working With Attorney Recruiters

Law firms like yours are in constant pursuit of finding the best attorneys so that their practice can grow and continue to be successful. Using attorney recruiters is a great way to find these professionals. If your law firm is considering such a hiring investment, it pays to avoid the following mistakes throughout this relationship.

Mistake #1: Not Using Recruiters Throughout Interviews

Attorney recruiters will do a lot of the legwork when it comes to searching and screening attorney candidates to work for your law firm, but you don't want to stop this relationship once you receive a list of high-quality candidates. That would be selling your law firm short. Instead, you want to bring the attorney recruiters into the interviews. 

They know what it's like to hire these legal professionals and their insights could help you pick up on key details during each interview, such as body language, long-term capabilities, and legal knowledge. 

Mistake  #2: Inserting Yourself Too Much Into the Hiring Equation

Sometimes, law firms can get so anxious about the attorney candidates they are recommended by recruiters that they'll try to insert themselves too much in the hiring equation. This can bring up a couple of things, such as biased hiring practices and poor candidate selection. Both aren't ideal when you need to find the best attorneys for open positions.

You should really take a more hands-off approach to hiring new candidates when working with attorney recruiters—at least during the initial stages of hiring. Then when it comes closer to actually hiring someone, you can take more of a hands-on approach.

Mistake #3: Only Trying to Make Firm Look Good

There are actually instances when law firms won't try going after the best candidates that have amazing skills because they're worried about the new hires possibly knowing more than them. That's the last approach you want when working with attorney recruiters. Instead, they're going to bring you a lot of amazing candidates and you truly need to consider them. They are just here to help your law firm grow and it's perfectly okay if candidates have more knowledge on different aspects of the law. Your firm can benefit from these skills and insights.

If you want to keep the hiring process free of complications, then consider working with local attorney recruiters. Just don't make these or other mistakes so that their valuable insights stay valuable and impactful.