Handling A Broken Nose In An Auto Accident Claim

A broken nose might seem like a minor injury to walk away with after an auto accident. However, the implications of this minor injury can be long lasting and significant. If you or a loved one suffered a broken nose during a collision, learn more about the injury and how the injury may affect your injury claim.

Permanent Deformity

A broken nose can result in a permanent deformity. In the case of a severely broken nose, surgical treatment is often prescribed to correct any crooked or lopsided appearance that the nose currently has. Even when the nose can be reconstructed, its new appearance may never match that of the original nose shape. 

Additionally, there are sometimes several surgical procedures that must be completed before the original look of the nose can be restored, which can be a physically demanding process. No matter what, the victim should be compensated for any changes they have to live with as a result. 

Sinus Problems

Some people also experience sinus problems as a result of the broken nose they sustained during an auto accident. The ear, nose, and throat are all closely related and all support healthy sinus function. When your nose is broken, sometimes the newly altered shape of the nose can prevent the sinuses from properly draining, which can lead to ongoing discomfort. 

Sometimes, the altered shape of the nose can also make it harder to breathe from both nostrils. Each of these factors can impact a person's lifestyle and their ability to work in certain environments. 

Compensation Options

As described, the effect of a broken bone can be long-lasting. Consequently, people who sustain this injury during an accident often have several options they can take for compensation, beyond covering the cost of their medical treatment. For example, if you are left permanently disfigured, you can seek pain and suffering for the emotional turmoil you face because of your new appearance. 

If the injury has limited your ability to breathe well, you can seek compensation for lost wages in the event you work in a physically demanding field and can no longer work due to your condition. An attorney will work to ensure you seek compensation for everything you are entitled to.

It does not matter how major or minor an injury is; if you were hurt during an accident, you should speak with an attorney about moving forward with a personal injury claim. Contact an auto accident law firm to learn more.