Why Get A Divorce Lawyer Involved With Your Divorce Separation Agreement

If you think you're ending your marriage with your spouse on fairly good terms, you may think that you don't need help dividing assets and debts between the two of you. However, creating the divorce separation agreement is can become much more complicated than you think. That's why it's a good idea to have a lawyer involved from the beginning for the following reasons.

They'll Help You Understand The Agreement

The divorce separation agreement is designed to state all of the conditions of the divorce. Everything can be negotiated until both you and your soon to be ex are completely satisfied. The agreement is then presented to a judge in family court, and they will accept the agreement that you created if it looks fair. Once the divorce agreement is accepted by the court, you cannot go back and make changes to it. That's why you what to have a lawyer take a close look at this agreement early on in the process and make sure it is to your benefit.

They'll Help You Divide Debts And Assets

State laws may determine how assets are supposed to be divided during a divorce, which can require some help to oame sure it is done properly. For example, you may live in a state that has equal distribution laws, which means that all the assets are supposed to be divided in a way that seems fair for each person.

Other states have common property laws, which means that property is supposed to be divided equally. What you may not realize is that the debt is supposed to be divided equally as well, and in order to pay that debt off, it may be required to sell marital assets. For example, if your spouse took on college loan debt during the marriage, you may still be responsible for paying that remaining debt off after a divorce, which could require selling the house to do so.

They'll Help Ensure A Fair Visitation Schedule

Having children involved with a divorce makes things complicated when it comes to the visitation schedule. No matter how custody is divided, it's likely that someone won't feel that the schedule is as fair as it could be. You'll want to work with a lawyer to help negotiate the agreement with you from the start and help fight for the visitation schedule that you want.

Want more reasons how a lawyer can help with the divorce separation agreement? Schedule a consultation with a local divorce lawyer for more information.