3 Reasons To Hire An Accident Attorney

If you've recently been involved in a major car accident, there is probably a lot going through your mind. Unfortunately, there is so much to think about after such an incident that people rarely consider the legal ramifications involved and whether or not they should hire a lawyer. But getting an attorney that specializes in helping people who have had car accidents should be at the very top of your list. Take a look below at just a few of the best reasons why this is the case.

Getting You What You Deserve

After an accident, you will promptly be contacted by your insurance company, who will most likely offer you an initial settlement. More often than not, this settlement is not in line with what you can expect to be offered if you have an attorney fighting on your behalf -- usually it is much lower. In order to receive a settlement that is on par with what others in your situation have received, hire an attorney who knows how to deal with the auto insurance companies.

Showing You Are Not at Fault

If there is one thing many people learn the hard way after an accident, it is that proving they are not at fault is far more difficult than they would have ever thought. Even if there are witnesses who promise to testify in court (and actually follow through), there are several more elements at play: potential mechanical issues with a vehicle, road conditions, as well as prior accidents. An attorney can navigate this maze of legal proof and tell you exactly what you'll need to do in order to show a judge that you're not liable for any of the results of the accident.

Time is of the Essence

It is hardly uncommon to hear of someone who realizes several years after their accident that they in fact could have received a much larger settlement or actually gone to trial and won against the other party. But by this time, the realization is too late, as most states have a statute of limitations in place that prevent people from beginning legal cases more than a couple of years after an accident. So don't hesitate to talk to an attorney that specializes in accidents as soon as you can (even if you're still in the hospital). Starting your case as soon as possible is vital to getting what you deserve.