What Do You Do When You’re Injured As A Motorcycle Passenger?

Motorcycle accidents have many moving parts, and if you are injured as part of a motorcycle accident when you're the passenger, things can get even more complicated. But it's important to take an active role in getting compensation for any injuries you sustained. Here are some things that you can do.

Have a Thorough Talk with the Driver About Next Steps

Some of the steps for reporting a motorcycle accident inevitably fall on the driver. But you can play a role in this as well. First of all, create a joint plan of action and follow up to make sure the driver completed all of the steps. For one, taking pictures of the accident, including any damage to the motorcycle and the road conditions, is a good step. Also discuss what the insurance reporting process looks like.

Get a Checkup

If you were involved in the accident, be sure that you get a checkup from a chiropractor, even if you don't think you were hurt badly. Neck and spinal injury can be hidden. And now's the time to get your medical bills covered, since you won't be able to show as strong of a correlation between your injuries and the accident if you wait until later. So, be insistent about getting your medical needs covered through the driver's insurance.

Consider the Severity of Your Personal Losses

In a small accident, most of the insurance compensation will probably go to the driver. But you'll want to make sure that your needs are heard if you have to take off work for your injuries, or if you had any personal property that was damaged. While basic claims can be covered through insurance, a personal injury attorney is a good person to approach on bigger claims.

Consider a Personal Injury Attorney

When insurance money doesn't cut it, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you. They'll start by determining who was responsible for the accident. If there were no other drivers, the faulty party could be the driver or even the manufacturer of the motorcycle. If there was a collision with the other driver, then an attorney will consider whether your driver or the other driver was at fault. Based on the insurance limits and personal finances of that party, plus the amount of your personal losses, they can advise you on whether escalating the issue to a court would have a much bigger payout.